ICTFAX installation problem on drupal 7 on win7

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ICTFAX installation problem on drupal 7 on win7

Postby lucky » Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:38 am

Hi guys,

I'm new in ICTFAX but I had worked with drupal. Now I have problem in installing ictfax on my drupal site. I had read the documentation on site but all of them was by command that I can't understand well.

thing that I had done:

After downloading the ictfax, I unzipped the file and copy the ictpbx to my module folder in drupal. I create these folders usr/ctfax/module and put ictpbx in it.

Now I can see the ictfax in my module page in drupal.

I Also copy all the module that is needed from wwwroot to my modules in drupal and enable them.

Now , I have ICTFAX SYSTEM in my drupal with two option setting :

-Application Path Settings
-Plivo Gateway Settings

What else I should do? What are plivo and freeswitch? how can I install them? I had read the documentation in commands and don't underestand where to install and how.... !!!!

Anyone can help me for this? :(

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